Stay at home. Race at home.

Roller Race turns your bicycle’s rollers into a racing machine by Nathan Gardner at Wax On Paper.

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How it works


Race at home

Simple setup, works with any bike roller

Get the Data

Track your speed, distance, & time

Go faster

Compare results with past races

About the Technology

The Race App Bot

The Race App

This is the app the user uses to interact with Roller Race bot. The app is an Angular web application being hosted on the Raspberry Pi.

The Angular app uses local storage to save your race results, and a websocket connection to itself to get the data from the sensor.

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The Roller Speed App

This is a python app continuously running on the Raspberry Pi, in the background, that has two main purposes. It uses an IR Transmitter / Receiver connected to the Pi to detect the line on the roller. It also runs a Tornado WebSocket Server that listens for messages, and sends messages containing all the data needs to run.

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The Roller Speed App Design
The Race App Bot

The Hardware

A Raspberry Pi with an SD Card and a basic IR Transmitter/Receiver is all that’s needed.

Raspberry Pi ZEro WIR Transmitter + Receiver